iPad 3G GPS and ForeFlight

ForeFlight released their moving map and heads-up display today. New in ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.5.1

  • Moving-map, heads up display for iPad with groundspeed, track, altitude, and GPS accuracy
  • Locator icon changes to an aircraft when track available
  • Navlog overlaid on map with ETE, fuel, distance, and headwind component
  • One tap to file a flight plan, look up ATC routes, or reverse the route
  • Favorite routes and recent routes
  • Animated radar and satellite for iPad
  • Visible+infrared composite satellite
  • Airport-level radar and satellite (see cells on or around the airport)
  • Flight plan filing and briefing on the iPad
  • Enter lat/lon values on routes like 32.3N/82.2W
  • Full iPhone OS 4 compatability

Great beta test by ForeFlight co-founder/developer Jason Miller.  Good to see the iPad doesn't implode over 10,000ft.