Warriors on the Water - First Class Fishing

I fished the 2010 Warriors on the Water at Jordan Lake on Friday.  I attended the Wednesday night meeting which was very well organized at Sports USA on post at Ft. Bragg.  Anglers and soldiers got a bag full of baits, shirts, hats, glasses and all kinds of  gear.  Soldiers got rods and basically everything they needed to fish in the Friday tournament.  Food was free and I met my soldier co-angler Scott Smith. When I got to New Hope Overlook at Jordan Lake, the Warriors on the Water staff checked you in from the truck then the line formed at the ramp.  While in line, they had coffee, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and sausage biscuits and gave out bags full of water, Gatorade and snacks.  They even had volunteers there to back and park your trailer.

After the national anthem, the US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team jumped from a Twin Otter over the field of 150 boats.

At the end of the day, the weigh-in had a good crowd and they even had volunteers to walk your fish back to the water.  Texas Roadhouse catered BBQ plates for anglers and soldiers.

Overall, this event was one of the most well organized, fun and generally satisfying tournaments I have ever fished.  We had 11lb 5oz on 3 fish, Scott caught a few fish (even a good striper) and overall, we had a good day.  The opportunity to give the soldiers a fun day of fishing is enough for me; Warriors on the Water truly made this a first-class event.