How to Make an iPad Kneeboard

I decided to make a kneeboard that was similar to my single strap board that I have used for years. I found the Belkin Grip Clear Vue case at Target for $23.99.  The clear rubber is firm enough not to tear and soft enough to cut with an X-Acto knife (barely.) I used 2" wide adhesive Velcro strips (stuck back-to-back) and cut to size.

  1. Measure proper length for Velcro straps and stick back-to-back to make the strap (You could get a regular 2" double sided Velcro strap and eliminate this step)
  2. Lay out the new strap behind the clear case and mark two slits ~2" apart with a Sharpie marker
  3. Cut around the Sharpie guide lines using an X-Acto knife (it was easier to make the longer cuts first)
  4. Insert the Velcro strap loops down as shown

Total investment: ~$30.00.